Dear visitor,

Thanks for visiting our website. We remain open. In these difficult times we want to continue to fulfill our mission: “to give fantastic creative inspiring performances for the smallest ones”. As long as the government allow us, we want to be a place where children can play, dance, watch and enjoy themselves without worry.

The safety of our visitors is very important to us. Therefore we’ve taken the following precautions / measurements:

  • We have a very good, powerful ventilation system, both in the foyer and in the theatre.
  • Our maximum number of visitors for a workshop is 22 people, for a performance 24 people. On average, half of our visitors are under 6 years old. In general there are around 15 adults in the building, including staff.
  • The spaces are large enough for adults to keep 1.5 meters apart from each other. Keep in mind that we are a children’s theater and interaction from actors with children is an essential part of the workshop or performance.
  • No walking directions are indicated, which makes little sense in the case of Black Cat Theater. Small children will move in any directions and parents might chase their children if necessary.
  • We also value personal responsibility. We cannot and do not want to act as a police officers. We are not good at that. We are very good at creating super fun performances and workshops.
  • Due to our work, the Black Cat Theater staff (max 3 people) does not wear mouth protectors. The municipality of Amsterdam recommends wearing mouth protectors in public places, but it’s not obligatory so we leave this decision to our visitors.
  • Disinfection gel is available and can be found at the entrance


Of course, all rules that apply throughout the Netherlands also apply at Black Cat Theatre:

  • Stay at home with complaints and get tested by the GGD. If you develop shortness of breath and / or fever, family members will also stay at home.
  • Wash your hands often, cough and sneeze into the inside of the elbow, use paper towels and throw them away immediately.
  • Are you 70 or older? Do you have fragile health? Then be extra careful.