Meh is an awesome show for young children between 1 and 5 years old. Black and White. Two different worlds and two completely different characters. Black is very organized and has everything under control. White, a little bit crazy, likes to experiment. Both are by themselves in their own space. Bit by bit both world start to mix. Black in white and white in black. Something starts to moo, neigh, crow, bark and meow. This spontaneous sounds, are slowly becoming organized into a real Mehlody! The sounds are being accompanied by harp, ukulele, flutes and drums, building an unique atmosphere.

Imitating the sounds of animals is one of the favorite activities of young children. For them, it is also the start of speaking, the first words and sounds that are happily repeated over and over again. The show for young children “Meh” is a visit to a sound laboratory. Together we are searching and recording. We will loop the sounds with a special device and create live music until it transforms to a marvelous onomatope -orchestra. It is actually a show, workshop and  children concert in one. Live composition by   Laura Lotti – Harpist. Will you bark, crow and moo with us?

Note: this show is performed on the 4th, 10th and 12th of February at  CC Amstel, not at the Schakelstraat

If you do not have a city pass, Please book your ticket here: Kindervoorstelling Meh in CC-Amstel – Reguliere Tickets | 1t/m 5 jr (