This workshop “the Rain” is for children from 1 to 3 years old. Where does the rain come from? Is it hot or cold, purple or green, sweet or salty? How does it sound? How does it look? The rain workshops are a great sensory experience. Fun with water and free painting mix with peaceful moments of discovering, touching and listening to rain and expressing the melody with our body. Our imagination takes us everywhere. Let’s paint a portrait of the rain together so that we can all take home some of this magic later.

Note: during the workshop, children get wet and dirty with washable paint. We recommend bringing clothes to change. Parents are also encouraged to wear comfortable and not necessarily the most favorite outfits.

The workshops for children at Black Cat Theatre

The Black Cat Theater workshops are a combination of sensory, theater and art experience and a unique opportunity for a creative and joyful encounter with art. In these workshops we playfully discover the world around us together with the children. We make music, we paint, dance, move and make the most beautiful creations to play with. It’s all about imagination, having fun and being a parent and child together. The different workshops all relate to a different theme. Each workshop lasts about an hour and is scheduled both on weekends and weekdays, so there are several options to attend all series.

Please note that all workshops are conducted in English, but their themes and instructions are designed so that language is not a problem.

The Black Cat Cafe is open before and after the workshop, just like the children’s show. Black Cat Cafe is a super nice, child-friendly place to have a cup of coffee. Meanwhile, your son / daughter can have fun with our sustainable toys in the foyer. Do you like the rain workshop for children 1 to 3 years old, but would you rather go to a workshop with all kinds of different sizes, sizes and colors of paper? please click here. Or would you rather go to the sea? please click here.