1. Buying tickets

  1. Tickets can only be booked
    • Via the website (preferred option)
    • At the counter, as long as we have availability. Note: The shows of Black Cat Theatre are often sold out. In that case we cannot sell any tickets at the counter.
  2. We do take reservations over the phone and email. We will confirm the reservation by sending a payment link by email. The reservation is a definite booking once payment has been completed.

2. Returning tickets

  1. Tickets can be returned at the latest 24 hours before the show date.
  2. When you cancel within 24 hours, we will always try to resell the tickets. If we are successful, we will transfer the tickets to a different show. If we are not successful, we cannot return the tickets.
  3. We do not return the difference in the price of rescheduled tickets
  4. Tickets can be rescheduled up to 2 times within 3 months as of the date on which they were bought.
  5. Rescheduled tickets can’t be returned
  6. If a show is cancelled due to an actor’s illness or another random event, your money will be refunded or you will be offered tickets for the next show.

3. Laat komers

  • We’re sorry but if a show has already started, we don’t let latecomers in

4. Group reservations

  • For organized groups (nurseries, kindergartens, schools), the date of the show will be established individually. For more information about availability during weekdays and to make a group booking, please contact us at

5. Additional information

  1. Seats are not numbered
  2. Eating and drinking is strictly prohibited in the theatre hall.
  3. 45 minutes before every show, we invite everybody to spend some time in our foyer, where we have created a small play area for our youngest guests
  4. There is a baby changing unit in one of the toilets (please ask our staff for more information).
  5. Taking photos and filming during the show is strictly prohibited.
  6. Before the show starts, we always ask our guests to leave their shoes at the door of the theatre hall – it applies to both children and adults. You can bring footwear to change into or enter the sitting area in your socks
  7. The responsibility for the safety of children participating in shows or playtime after shows and staying on the premises of the theatre rests solely with their carers or parents.
  8. When you buy a ticket, you agree to be photographed and filmed by persons authorized by the theatre and agree for your image as a spectator to be used in the theatre’s promotional materials.
  9. Buying a ticket represents you acceptance of these Terms and Conditions.