About the theatre for toddlers

In a world where we are surrounded by tablets, smartphones, television and other devices, we try to stimulate a child’s imagination and stimulating playing with “normal” things. The show itself smoothly goes over into playing afterwards and are inseperatably interconnected.

Providing children a 30-60 minutes unforgettable experience is our goal.

Black Cat Theatre is an unique place in Amsterdam, specially for the smallest children. Our shows are suitable for children from 1 year old. There is a spacious foyer where children can play with unique toys and food and beverages can be consumed. The theatre is easily accesible by public transportation and parkingin front of the theatre is free in the weekend and only 10 ct / hr on weekdays.

Who are we

Agnieszka Czekierda – Actrice and artistic director of Black Cat Theatre. Founder and director of the Polish childrens theatre: Teatr Malego Widza; with more than 1300 shows per year and more than 300.000 visitors a famous concept in Warschau and vicinities.

Wilfred van Dongen – corporate leader of Black Cat Theatre. Succesfull programmanager in IT. After working in corporate environments for yearsiit was time for a new challenge in 2019. “Giving people a wonderful unforgettable experience is for far more beautiful than a faster, more efficient internet and cheaper connection”

The Team

Michael de Roos – Actor – Known from roles in “Spiderman Far from home” and “Goede Tijden Slechte Tijden”, plays at Black Cat Theatre in the show Ahoi

Wouter van Oord – Actor – known from roles in the musicals “Warhorse“, the Tweeling” and “Ciske de Rat“, plays at Black Cat Theatre in the show Ahoi

Anne Katic – Actrice – Known from roles played for Visavis, amongst others, plays at Black Cat Theatre in the show Four Seasons

Laura Lotti – Musician / Harpist – Plays for various organisations, composes her own albums and filmmusic. Plays at  Black Cat Theatre in the show Four Seasons