“Four Seasons” is a beautiful, poetic experience that tells us about the most extraordinary and magical things in the surrounding world. The spectacle shows us the rhythm of nature. We see how many colors and shades it has and how they change. We feel the emotions that cause these dreamy moments, when the seasons are at their prettiest. We take you with us along spring, summer, autumn and winter. And everything makes a sound. And not just a sound. A beautiful melody arises from everything we see and touch.  Antonio Vivaldi – Wikipedia is playfully present. We hear a calimba, an ukelele, guiro’s, a dundun and many other instruments. But clothes on a washing line cannot make music, can they? Where is it really coming from?

Show for toddlers Four Seasons is a very happy show, where jokes and pure amazement alternate. The intended age group of children is 1 to 5 years, but the show is highly appreciated by spectators of all ages. After the show, kids can play with the leaves, the “snow” and all other wonderful products of nature. The show can also be booked for birthdayparties, a KDV, school (group 1,2) or BSO: Kids or birthdayparty| Day out with daycare | Black Cat Theatre


– using dance, picture and live music. Suitable for children between 1- 5 years. It tells us about the rhythm of nature and how it changes, how many colours and shades it has, and, finally, about how many emotions all these dreamlike moments provoke when the seasons are at their height and are the most beautiful. After the show children can play freely with the leaves, the “snow” and other miraculous products from the nature. 

Concept and director: Agnieszka Czekierda

Cast: Anna Katic en Laura Lotti

Lights and Sounds: Wilfred van Dongen / Agnieszka Czekierda

Target Age: 1 to 5 years

Duration: 30 minuten show + 15 minutes of common fun