First the Rainbow was white. Then, 1 color was added. It looked so pretty, that another color was added. And then another one and another one. First they were ordened in groups, but then everything mixed up! How many colors actually make a rainbow? Some people will tell you something like this: Rainbow – Wikipedia. But this is actually a quite boring way to look at it, isn’t it? It can be much more fun? What actually happens in the toddler show the Rainbow? Vases that suddenly move, arms and legs that don’t seem to be in control. Feathers flying around, soap bubbles that transform into a crown. And little colored balls that run over the stage like little lady bugs. The magic and surprises are in the smallest things. Everything is crazy and weird is fun, as long as it has color.

Toddler show The Rainbow is super fun for the children in the age of 1 to 4 years. It is a calm show where children will feel comfortable and gives them the opportunity to create the story of their own imagination. Experiencing the world through watching, hearing, touching and of course playing by themselves at the end of the show with all colors of the rainbow.

Toddler show the Rainbow can also be booked for a birthday party or for schools, daycares or BSO’s: Kids or birthdayparty| Day out with daycare | Black Cat Theatre

Concept, director and scenography: Agnieszka Czekierda

Play: Iris Waardenburg / Agnieszka Czekierda

Age: 1 to 4 years

Duration: about 30 minutes of show + 15 minutes of playing on stage