In the summer Black Cat Theatre organizes a series of original FAMILY WORKSHOPS for children from 1 – 3 and children from 4-5 years old. It is a combination of sensory, theatre, and art experience and a unique opportunity for a creative and joyful encounter with art. In these workshops, we discover the world around us in a playful way together with the children. We make music, we paint, dance, move and make the most beautiful creations to play with. It’s all about imagination and having fun. These are four different workshops that all relate to a different theme. Each workshop lasts about an hour and is scheduled both, on weekends and weekdays, so there are several options to attend all series.

Please note: All workshops will be conducted in English, but their themes and course have been designed the way that language is not a problem.

The Sea

Using our imagination, we will dive deep into the sea to meet amazing inhabitants of the underwater world, we will touch the soft seabed, meet cheerful crabs, dance with a jellyfish, jump with a wacky seahorses and fool around with fishes. The magic of the theatre will take us where time stops, where the only thing that matters is here and now. Pure joy and capturing moments of being together, having fun together with the sounds of music that was composed especially for these workshops.