The meadow is full of wonders. Some of them are so tiny, it is hard to spot them the human eye. Let’s stop for a while. Let’s put our fingers on the soft grass and touch drops of the morning dew. Let’s watch the flowers open their green arms and point their colourful heads towards the sun after the night. It is so nice, quiet and calm…

But wait! What’s going on? What’s that commotion? It’s a lark waking up its birdy family with singing, while the bees begin their morning shift with honey manufacturing. There is a lot of buzzing, tweeting and whizzing. There are so many things to be taken care of, and the day is so short. We need to hurry up before the night falls. Luckily, the bumblebee’s are here to help us.

But the meadow does not fall asleep at night. It continues to be full of life. The night summons beautiful and magic creatures, that do not like rays of the sun. The moon however, provides enough light to spot them.

MEADOW is an interactive show with beautiful live music, played by Laura Lotti – Harpist. Kids can explore freely cosy and safe space, find hidden surprises, happily experiment and experience their first theatre delights in company of their parents. The meadow is a show that invites everyone to participate. No one will be sitting still here.

The show is also bookable for birthdayparties, provided that children are in the target age and accompanied by parents. Kinderfeestje of verjaardag| Uitje Kinderdagverblijf | Black Cat Theatre. The show is not suitable for daycares or BSO’s.

Concept, director and scenography: Agnieszka Czekierda

Music and composer: Laura Lotti, Iza Lamik and Basia Derlak

Play: Agnieszka Czekierda / Ivana Bratovanova / Marjolein van Haren / Iris Waardenburg

Age: 8 months to 3 years

Duration: around 50 minutes