Mèh is a wonderful show for children aged 1 to 5 years. Black and white. Two different worlds and two completely different people. Black, neat, has everything under control. White, a little crazy, likes to experiment. Both, safe in their own space. Or are they alone in their space? By a fortuitous gesture White causes an avalanche of events. Here something moans, there you hear something neighing, crowing, barking, meowing, and bleating! These seemingly disorganized jumbles of sounds are slowly arranged for viewers in a real MeHLodie! Music made on instruments that we know, but also instruments that are not at all obvious, builds up a unique atmosphere.

Imitating animal sounds is one of the favorite pastimes of young children. It is also for them the beginning of speech, the first words and the first sounds that are willingly repeated over and over again. The children’s performance MeH is a visit to a real sound laboratory. Together we find them, record them, play them, loop them with a special device, create live music, until it turns into a crazy onomatopoeia orchestra. It is both a children’s performance, workshop and children’s concert in 1. Live composition by Laura Lotti – Harpist. Will you bleat, crow and moo along with us?

Concept, director and scenography: Agnieszka Czekierda

Music and composer: Laura Lotti

Play: Laura Lotti and Anne Katic / Iris Waardenburg

Age: 1 to 5 years

Duration: about 30 minutes of show + 15 minutes of playing on stage